Clarify Technical Services Customer List and Website Links.

This is a listing of customers and in some cases, personal websites that Karen and I have designed and coded. Some of them I also host on my servers. All of them are still currently maintained by Clarify Technical Services.



We frequently visit the Muskoka region just north of Toronto Ontario. A dear friend of ours owns a wonderful cottage on beautiful Six Mile Lake. We have lots of fun doing a podcast and playing around with various forms of multimedia such as video and photography. This is the home of the podcast as well as several video series such as "Survivor Dude" and "Kottage Kreations". I also use this site as a bit of a playground and development lab to experiment with coding html and css. We have recently added a swag shop using Cafe Press and are looking at this as an offering for the rest of the Clarify Tech customers.

Purrs And Trills

Purrs And Trills

Of course, for everything we do we throw up a website and this is one Karen and I did to celebrate our beloved cornish rex cats. We have had four of these unique and lovable cats over the years and we currently have two of them terrorizing our home. They are friendly and loveable companions that are always full of play. They also have great personalities.

Club De Karate

Kirkland Karate Club.

This was a site that was originally on a Wordpress server and we were tasked to move it to one of our servers, and convert it to straight HTML and CSS. The challenge was to keep the look and functionality the same. We have since expanded the site and added a few bells and whistles as well. This is another Quebec customer so we once again setup parallel english and french sites both cross linking.


Indumo Hydrauliques Inc.

This site was built for a Quebec customer in 2011. Due to the bilingual requirements of the province of Quebec, we went with a simple landing page for selecting the language and then built two parallel sites linking to each other. One in french and the other in english. French translation was handled by Karen Robertson and Bruce Galbraith.This was the first time we used both a horizontal nnavigation bar as well as vertical navigation panel

JWH Hydraulics

JWH Hydraulics Ltd.

This website is one of our latest creations and the one we are most proud of. We have put a lot of work into this one including video of the trucks they build. All of the photography is either done by us or scans of photos in their own project book. The video was all shot and edited by Clarify Technical Services.

CVR Motors

CVR Motors

CVR Motors is a small motor shop located in the Valois Bay village on the West Island of Montreal. The business was aquired by Rick Hill Jones in 2008, Rick was looking for some help with various technology requirements for his new business. Clarify set him up with a PC for the store counter and helped him get it online. We also helped CVR Motors register a domain name and setup some email accounts. We also built his website in an effort to drive traffic to his front door. We are also hosting it.

Bikes By Bruce

Bikes By Bruce

This is a site I built for a very good friend of mine and was a true labour of love. These are all models, not real bikes. Bruce's hobby is building these high quality models to be as real as posible. From the paint schemes to re-spoking the wheels with piano wire. About the only thing missing is gas and oil. Bruce does all the photography on this website as well and is also beginning to take on some of the html coding duties as well. Both his photography work and coding skills are improving almost dail. I think I have created a code monkey!

P-H Technologies

PH Technologies Inc.

This is a project we did for a group of people I have been working with for a long time. Clarify was asked to develop and host their website. Karen and I also designed their logo. Something we are quite proud of.

Westmetro Equipment Sales

Westmetro Equipment Sales Ltd.

This site was built with Dreamweaver. I won't do that again. It was a veiled attempt at weaning myself off of Microsoft Frontpage. All it taught me is that I better learn HTML4 and CSS. I now use EditPad Lite and a pad of paper to design and build the hand coded pages.
We also handle the computers, local network, etc for this customer.

Rest Contracting

Rest Contracting Ltd.

This is the first website built by Clarify Technical Services. We also handle their local network and workstations.